Union Place fitness center with rock climbing wall and treadmills

Is Your Gym Classic, Communal and Connected?

Union Place offers a better way to work out in apartments in NoMa DC.

Whether it’s for getting your body into beach shape, blowing off some steam or energizing your day, having a gym at your fingertips improves your life immeasurably. Routine exercise increases energy levels, elevates your mood, and helps your body wind down at the end of the day. It’s not something to take for granted. And, thanks to the level of thoughtful detail Toll Brothers Apartment Living puts into their communities Union Place offers one of the very best fitness centers in apartments in NoMa DC.

Union Place fitness center with rock climbing wall, weight machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills


When describing the space, it starts with the size. Two-stories with multiple spaces for different activities, the fitness center makes other apartment building gyms seem insignificant. While it is full of state-of-the-art equipment, it still features the tried-and-true classics of working out. Weights. They are about as low-tech as you can get, but arguably more effective to build muscle when used properly. Another unbeatable workout is the punching bag. Usually when you think of boxing equipment it’s in an old, dark gym with a lot of cinematic allure, but not someplace you’d actually want to work out. At Union Place, the punching bag area is fresh and modern, allowing you to de-stress and punch out your feelings. Add to that cardio machines like ellipticals and treadmills, and you have a lot, but these quintessential training tools are just the beginning.


Perhaps you like more of a group experience to get your exercise. Fitness On Demand™ is at your beck and call. Join a virtual class on your schedule. Yoga, barre, BODYPUMP™, core strengthening, there are so many options, you’ll definitely find a workout that works. And if you need a little space to stretch out by yourself or with a group, the yoga studio gives you room to spread out. If you’ve ever fantasized about taking on the Tour de France, or just like biking workouts, Union Place features the super-popular Peloton® bikes and workouts that challenge, inspire, and, most importantly, get you to perspire.

Union Place fitness center with rock climbing wall, weight machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills


While virtual classes and exercising in groups helps to create community, there’s nothing quite like the simple connection of one’s hand, fingers and feet to rock wall while hanging from a lofty perch above the floor. Union Place gives a whole new meaning to social climbing. The climbing wall at Union Place gives you the opportunity to test your mettle against gravity and explore the 650-square-foot climbing surface. Challenge friends and neighbors, share new routes up the wall and tone muscles you never even knew you had. What other apartments in DC can you elevate your game and get some exercise…all while having an amazing time?

And to bolster your connection with the rest of the world, Union Place has Wi-Fi throughout the fitness center to share your latest victory over exercise, or to keep you entertained through an extended session. Like a lot of the community, one space flows into another and from the second floor of the fitness center you can access the clubroom and vice versa. Connectivity is a beautiful thing.

Having such a stellar offering at home just doesn’t seem fair to everyone else in DC. We can’t argue, but we can offer you a chance to be one of the few to enjoy it. Take a closer look at Union Place, you will be glad you did.

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